Ensuring a rich legacy for future generations is easier than you think

Legacy Plan

We Need Assurance In God And Insurance For Those We Leave Behind

Our Mission

“Ladies Leaving Legacies is dedicated to safeguarding the financial futures of every individual, family and organization we touch, providing personalized solutions that empower lasting legacies.”

What is Your Plan?

More and more american are starting to panic because they realize how unprepared they are for their retirement years. By creating a customized Legacy  Plan you can  protect your future as you age and provide for your family in your absence.

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Legacy Plan
If you don't protect your loved ones - who will?

Creating Your Legacy Plan Is As Easy As 1,2,3...

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Before we can build you the right plan we need to go over your unique situation and your desired outcomes

Customize your personal legacy plan

Once we have identified the correct coverage for your families specific wants and needs we activate your policies so your coverage and savings can begin

Rest Easy with Peace of mind

It's officially at this stage you have put protection is place for any of life little surprises that come up. And you know that in your absence your family will be properly provided for.

Let me give you that peace of mind...

These Very Same Policies Saved My Family
when I Was Diagnosed with Cancer & when We Lost My Sons' Father.

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Personal Policy

Creating a positive legacy of any kind requires action. Take the first steps to decide how you would like 

Multiple Generations Protected

Start with yourself. Just like the oxygen masks in the airplane. Once you are taken care of let make sure no one is left out.

Switching From A Company policy

Just because your employer provides you with coverage DOES NOT mean it is the right coverage for your personal needs.

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